"Bye, Bye Boobie" Party - #cancersucks

Veronica Velazquez has been one of my dearest friends for almost a decade - we have been young and crazy together, we work together, as Vero often helps as my assistant or lead at events, and more recently, I have had the joy of watching her begin to start a beautiful lil' family of her own. Her Son Arthur, now 3, was only a year old when Veronica was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. In our culture, which associates breast cancer with survivorship, it is difficult for people to understand  that metastatic breast cancer means they will be in treatment for the rest of their lives. Veronica's hope is to spread the message that we need to continue to fight for stage IV patients and that someday, we will find a cure.

She was recently interviewed for KVOA news, as she has a goal of raising $5,000 by April 2017. Please follow along with this story as our hope is to hold a local fundraiser in the early Spring of 2017 to help her achieve her goal. For now, please consider donating to her site directly or simply taking the time to learn more about what living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer really means and what we can do to help find a cure! 

Click Here to see a video!

This party was thrown for Veronica after her diagnosis and was graciously hosted by her friends Audra and Bobbie - they put a lot of time and energy into the details for this party and it turned out awesome! I hope it inspires others to come together for their friends during a difficult time and turn a negative into something positive :)

Releasing balloons at the end of the party <3

Releasing balloons at the end of the party <3

And what party would be complete without a DIY Photo Booth?

Vero, we love you and will continue to fight along side you in all that you do. You have showed us why this life is worth living and we know  for a fact, "You Got This!!"