Private Preview Party - "The Tasting"

We are absolutely thrilled that we now get a chance to share with you some of the "behind the scenes" from the event we have been most recently working on - it all started with a phone call from Annette Hartman Catering asking me, "Do you know what The Container Store is?" Well, I may not have been 100% sure at the time I was asked, but my response now would be, "only the best store ever!!" Especially for us type "A" personalities - it is an organizational paradise! If you still haven't visited one, please check them out as you will end up realizing how much easier your life could be with just a few products from The Container Store! By the end of this event, my wish list has grown to about 3 pages long! Here are some photos of the awesome tasting we did for our contacts, when we first submitted a proposal, for their private preview party, at Reilly Craft Pizza + Drink in Downtown Tucson, AZ.


Reilly Craft Pizza and their recently opened beer garden made the perfect backdrop for Annette Hartman Catering and her team to showcase their gorgeous food selections.


Ashley of Modern Aquarian provided the beautiful custom sign - she is truly amazing!

A few more photos of the luscious surroundings and our setup for the tasting.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this a success and please stay tuned for more posts in regard to this awesome event, including setup day and the actual private preview party!